The Stars of the Sky Hid From Me

by Blood of the Prophets

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released July 27, 2017



all rights reserved


Blood of the Prophets Toledo, Ohio

Paul Fuzinski-Guitar/Vocals
Jason Mitchell-Bass
William Clark-Drums

Death metal, melodic death metal based out of Toledo, OH formed in 2008. Independent recording and national touring act.

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Track Name: And Then They Came pt.I
And Then They Came (pt I Gods) -
An inane civilization,
as seen by the eyes suspended above
Watching, waiting, observant of those below
Universal minds,
here to explore

We, in our ancient
primeval form
unaware of anyone but ourselves
eyes fixed on the ground
unconcerned with what lies above

And then they came
In the black of the night
The skies erupt
The heavens meet the earth
The Clouds, in an extravagant show
Illuminate with fire


The sound deafening
the terror, unprecedented


We, in our ancient (primeval) form
unaware of anyone but ourselves
eyes fixed on the ground
unconcerned with what lies above

All went still
All went silent
All went black
And then they came......
Track Name: Megalithic
Monuments erected in their name
stairs to the heavens
the gateway to the "gods"
megaliths made
Questions unanswered
Eternal, ethereal, imperfection
the mortal condition to enslave
Unobstructed by the force of domination
enormous structures rise from the ground
Cooperation. Whip crack determination
looked over for centuries

Origins of histories.
Remembering their gods
They will rise again to decimate creation
Unworthy pestilent destructive inundation
Meant to consummate eternal exploration  
And to carry on as harbingers of life


Look to the skies
there lies your answers!
A fate impossible by today’s standards
enormous structures  rise from the ground
Destroyers of us all

on a dying planet.
We have sealed our fate
By not embracing inherent information
Accepting our end
Look to the skies
there lies your answers!
A fate impossible by today’s standards
enormous structures  
rise from the ground
Destroyers of us all        
Track Name: The Confrontation and the Resistance
They came from the dark
(out of the night)
A luminescence unknown
trepidation ensued  
visitors from the black above

As they approached,
we watch with weary eyes
unsure of what lie ahead
No mediator to rectify
Insolent beings, weary and terrified
Xenophobic tendencies arise
we send the attack


Like a flood
Earthly warriors rushing forward
against an enemy unknown
In an act of intimidation
brought on by fear
the enemy stands strong
All resistance is in vain
Immediate eradication
powerless, surrender
Celestial (divinity) attained
immortal beings from above
Arrival - sapience - infinity

Track Name: The Great Council
Instructing the antediluvian man
a new era has begun
knowledge supersedes the lack thereof
from nothing to everything
in the blink of a century
fascination with intricacy
they have arrived
the experts of eternity
relinquishing the wealth of the unrevealed
to us an enigma
to them an analysis
amoral experimentation
Exponentially intertwined

A primal urge causes us to kill
to rise above our instinct is to survive
Forcing us to confront our fate
Infallibility a lie……………...

intelligence infects rapidly
A viral maturation of mankind
information a sacred object
worshiping the unseen

Worship. worship what you fear

knowledge is  
Track Name: Tides
Now in control
godly figures from the sky
reign supreme
over these nescient beings
A necessary evil
for further progress

we tremble
for we know not what lies ahead
Will punishment ensue
Will our civilization be wiped clean

Their only intention is to  grow
planetary secrets lost forever
our eyes, turned skyward
never to look back
The heavens never looked so bright

new worlds opened up to our feeble minds
an empire arises overnight
sacred knowledge the unknown
now unleashed
the story
of when the worlds collided